About me

It’s kind of accidentally I now find myself working in the sailing sport. Growing up with a sailing mum and dad, I started sailing at a young age. Probably sailed before I could even walk or talk. Over the years I’ve sailed in several types of boats, enjoying every boat in it’s own way. It doesn’t really matter which boat I’m sailing in, I’m happy as long as I’m out on the water. A couple of years ago I could never have guessed to find myself working in the sailing sport, but here I am. Happy I’ve made my work out of my hobby.

It wasn’t an one way pad though, after graduation in Journalism, it was hard to find a job in media. I started working at an online marketing agency, learned a lot about online media, SEO and content marketing. But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned here, is that it’s important to do something you actually like and where you believe in. This wasn’t the case for me in this particular job, so I started searching that one job I really believe in.

After I made the decision to quit my job and become a freelance journalist, my first path towards my now known future was set. I started at the local newspaper, writing news stories. At the same time I got my first communication project in the sailing sport, helping with the social media during the North Sea Regatta. Here I discovered a whole new world where I felt comfortable. A summer filled with sailing events and regattas later, I knew I would find myself working as a freelance media and communication professional in the water sports.

So that’s how I made my hobby into my work, how great is that? Not only am I involved in different sailing regattas and events, I work closely with the Dutch Sailing Federation, am active as a reporter/journalist for different sailing media and work for a Dutch Sailing Team. Next steps? Working for international regattas or sailing teams, as part of the communication team or as a On Board Reporter. Follow my journey towards these goals via my blog.

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