About me

It’s kind of accidentally I find myself working in the sailing sport. Growing up with a sailing mum and dad, I started sailing at a young age. Probably sailed before I could even walk or talk. During the years I’ve tried several types of boats and could definitely say sailing was a big hobby of mine. Never expected to find myself working in the sailing sport by now. But this is what had happened after I finished my study in Journalism. During this study I aimed to work at a magazine, writing stories about people and take a closer look at the news. I did follow an internship at a Dutch sailing magazine, but still never thought about working in this area.

After graduation the job market for a starting journalist was full, print media had to cut down in their budgets, online was the new ‘thing’. I couldn’t find a job in the magazine market as a journalist, but did started working at an online marketing agency. I learned a lot about this new online media, SEO and content marketing, but I also realised this wasn’t my future. I’m not made for an 9 to 5 office job, it was time for me to rethink about my future.

It didn’t took me long to rediscover the sailing world, not as a sailor, but as a journalist and communication professional. After a Twitter post, how typical, where was asked for an helping hand in the communications during the North Sea Regatta, a whole new world opened up for me. A summer filled with sailing events and regattas later, I definitely found my new future as a freelance media and communication professional in the water sports.

So my hobby is now also my job, how great is that? Not only am I involved in different sailing regattas and events, I’ve worked closely with the Dutch Sailing Federation and am active as a reporter/journalist for different sailing media. Next steps? Working for international regattas or sailing teams. As part of the communication team or as an On Board Reporter. Follow my journey via my blog, I write about my experiences during my job while I’m hunting my dreams.

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